racoon2-20060712a Release Notes

racoon2-20060712a is an usual snapshot release of racoon2.
The distribution site have been moved from <http://www.kame.net/>
to <http://www.racoon2.wide.ad.jp/>.

* What's New in racoon2-20060712a

  + NAT-Traversal for IKEv2 was added to iked.

  + Dynamic policy generation for IKEv2 (tunnel mode) was added.
    Use "IP_RW" in the policy configuration.

  + iked was updated based on RFC 4306 and RFC 4307.

  + This version of kinkd is based on RFC 4430 and RFC 3961, and is
    not interoperable with previous ones (racoon2-20051102a and
    older), which were based on draft-ietf-kink-kink-06 and
    draft-ietf-krb-wg-crypto-07.  Incompatible points include new key
    usage numbers, prf changes, payload type changes, and some format

* Downloading and Installing

The source code of this release can be found at
More information on compiling and installing racoon2 is available in
README and doc/INSTALL files in the archive.

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Last-modified: 2007-03-22 (Thu) 13:08:02