The successor to racoon2

The development of racoon2 in WIDE Project has been concluded. The development is continued in a GitHub repository at .

The Racoon2 Project

The Racoon2 project is a joint effort which provides an implementation of key management system for IPsec. The implementation is called Racoon2, a successor of Racoon, which was developed by the KAME project. It supports IKEv1, IKEv2, and KINK protocols. It works on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X. Racoon2 is provided under a BSD-style license. To support various environments that use IPsec, we will develop various functions.


  • racoon2-20100526a was released. (2010-05-26)

Older news


Racoon2 FAQ

Mailing Lists

If you have any question about Racoon2, you can ask at the MailingLists.


CVS Repository


racoon2-users AT


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